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What does biaor do for me?

Neuro-Resource Facilitation

Neuro-Resource Facilitation is a service provided to individuals experiencing brain injury and their families.  The purpose of Neuro-Resource Facilitation (NRF) is to increase the independence & quality of life of individuals living with brain injuries. BIAOR staff assists individuals with a brain injury  understand and navigate programs that support persons with disabilities in Oregon, assist them in finding and applying for the most relevant programs and services to meet their needs and attain their goals, and help them problem-solve any barriers that may arise. BIAOR offers this service to all individuals with a brain injury, however, it is the most helpful for the individual with a mild to moderate brain injury who has recently completed their formal rehabilitation in a rehabilitation program.

This program offers individuals and families support in coping with the issues of living with brain injury and transition back to work and the community. Support is provided in a variety of forms, including:

  • Providing brain injury specific information and resources;
  • Enhancing natural supports and providing linkage to appropriate supports, services, and community resources;
  • Providing training to service providers to increase Oregon’s system capacity to provide appropriate services;
  • Accessing, securing and maximizing funding, both private and public.
  • One of the primary resources distributed by the Neuro-Resource Facilitators is the customized packet, which contains important brain injury information and information on various services and supports for individuals and families experiencing brain injury that is unique to each caller.
  • Another resource commonly distributed by our staff is a selection of DVDs.

To learn more about any of these supports or to find out how you can participate, please contact us at 1-8800-544-5243 or via e-mail at info@biaoregon.org

"Why should I join or support your organization and if I do, what will I as an individual (or support group or family) get out of it?"

Most people asking the question hope for an answer which will make sense to them personally. They want something that will improve their individual lives in some way which they can clearly see and understand.

One of the obvious problems we face is that we want to be there for so many people. The latest official statistics from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta estimate that more than 2% of Oregon's population, or at least 81,000 people, are currently living with a brain injury. Most of them are unknown to us and probably don't even know we exist, but we care about them as much as we do the individuals we do know about. We imagine that they are facing life quite alone in their lack of understanding about what has happened to them and where they might find support. We want to reach out and bring them into our "family" whether they are members or not.

And so with 81,000 people plus their families and friends in mind, we go forward with confidence and determination, not letting our large numbers discourage us. It's easy to focus on what we don't have yet, and I understand the feeling of the individuals who wonder why we haven't changed their personal lives. But I encourage all of you consider and use what we do have and join BIAOR in working on behalf of all those coping with TBI to build a better future for all.

It is practically impossible to bring about any significant changes when we each work alone. But together with a single person office with a number of volunteers to cover the whole state, we can do wonders.  But we need your help and donations to do this.

So what can BIAOR do for you? It can give you hope, friends, information, education, advocacy and support. But most of all, it can give you the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a dynamic, growing organization which is dedicated to a cause that is close to your heart.  Join us and help us grow. As a non-profit we depend entirely on donations.  We need your support.


  • Printed information available free of charge to help cope with TBI
  • Specialized lending library of videos and books, especially compiled to help families and survivors
  • Website and email for gaining information and communicating technologically
  • An opportunity to get together for socializing and support workshops throughout the state - MEMBERS GET A 20% DISCOUNT!
  • An opportunity to learn more about TBI at our annual two day Educational Conference - MEMBERS GET A 20% DISCOUNT!
  • An opportunity to learn more about TBI at our annual one-three day Academic, Legal and Medical  Conference - MEMBERS GET A 20% DISCOUNT!
  • The Headliner  Newsletter to help you stay informed and feel less isolated in coping with TBI-MEMBERS RECEIVE EVERY ISSUE BY MAIL
  • Member identification cards to help explain TBI to others if you need it
  • Information about local support groups and how to find them
  • Assistance in locating resources you may need in your daily life
  • Toll Free Helpline to call for encouragement and information (800-544-5243)


Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon Membership Form
is offered either as a PDF file to be downloaded with Acrobat
or in MS Word Document.

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