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At the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon, we are dependent on individuals to make donations to our organization.  These donations, which are tax deductible to fullest extent of the law, help fulfill the goal of the BIAOR to improve the quality of life for people in Oregon with TBI.   

More than 85,000 Oregonians have seen their lives turned upside down by a traumatic brain injury.†  While this figure is shocking, consider the fact that BIAOR information and referral line was only able to serve about 5,200 people last year. 

As you can see, there are many more Oregonians out there who need our assistance.  Therefore, we heavily depend on dedicated and caring donors like you to help us support and expand our programs and services to further our mission.

Thank you for your donation we greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Caleb Moore

Brain Injury Survivor Caleb Moore

You know how sometimes in life you go through a bad moment, and when your friends hear about it later, they say, "Why didn't you say something? Why didn't you ask? We would have helped."

Very briefly, here's their story. Caleb Moore, 12, injured his head in a bicycle crash in November, 2012, as he cruised along Hermistonís Fourth Street. The boyís BMX-style bike suddenly broke where the front forks meet the head tube and he landed on his chin, breaking his jaw and shaking his brain. The bike helmet he wore may have prevented even worse damage, however, a year later, he still loses his balance and suffers from headaches, light sensitivity, irritability and double vision. To keep his brain calm, he wears glasses with blue lenses and his mom painted his bedroom blue. He has trouble remembering. His parents and siblings divide their time between home and Portlandís Ronald McDonald House as Caleb undergoes surgery, testing and therapy. The Hermiston boy spent more than a month with his jaw wired shut, sipping chicken broth and smoothies through a straw.  Worst of all, he is losing his sight. Though his eyes work fine, the part of the brain controlling vision is malfunctioning.

Because of their numerous trips to Portland for treatment, Tom and Rachel Moore moved their children to the Echo School District because of its four-day-a-week schedule. Their budget was strained due to Thom being between jobs at the time of the accident. The Oregon Health Plan pays for Calebís care, though potentially not some of the expensive therapy, meals and gasoline.

On behalf of the staff and board of directors of The Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon (BIAOR), we are asking for your help by donating funds to help those in need, gas cards or other items such as plane tickets for those in rural eastern Oregon get to medical care.  Donations are tax deductible (Federal ID# 93-0900797).  If you can, please make a donation at: http://www.biaoregon.org/donate.htm.  All donors will receive a donation letter and will be acknowledged in the BIAOR newsletter and on the website if desired.

Second, please spread the word about this appeal by sharing this message with friends and colleagues and join us in helping Caleb and others in need. 

Your contribution will help others such as Caleb and his family to continue with his needed therapies.


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How to Join

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You may also join the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon by sending an e-mail to info@biaoregon.org with your name, address, and telephone number or contact our office by telephone at 1-800-544-5243.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon is a not-for-profit, statewide membership organization whose endeavors are funded by special events, memberships, contributions, and grants. Join BIAOR and work toward a richer, brighter future for all survivors. By working together to promote a better system of care, we all benefit greatly.

Make A Donation that will help thousands of individuals with Brain Injury.


Thank you to our Professional Members!

When looking for a professional, look for someone who knows and understands brain injuries.  The professionals listed on www.biaoregon.org/promembers.htm are supporting professional members of BIAOR.


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Make A Donation that will help thousands of individuals with Brain Injury.


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