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Thank you to our Professional Members!

Professional Members

When looking for a professional, look for someone who knows and understands brain injuries.
  The following are supporting professional members of BIAOR.

BIAOR Board Members and Advisory Board Members in Bold

Attorneys Oregon Washington

 Support Services


Case Manager/Social Workers


Cog Rehab Centers



Therapy Programs

Expert Testimony

Functional Neurologist  

Holistic Practitioners

Legal Advocacy

Life Care Planners

Long Term TBI Rehab

Financial Planning

Medical Litigation Funding

Medical Professionals

Professional Members

Physicians/Nurse Practioners

Psychologists/ Neuropsychologists

Rec & Social Events  

Rehab Therapists

Speech & Language

State of Oregon


Technology/Assistive Devices 

Trauma Nurses Talk Tough

In Honor or Memory of

Neurologic Music Therapy

Veterans Support

Vocational Rehab


Need Help Finding an Attorney 
Paul Braude, Find Injury Law, 888-888-6470 p@findinjurylaw.com  www.findinjurylaw.com


Tim Titolo, Titolo Brain Injury Law, Las Vegas 702-869-5100 tim@titololaw.com

Oregon   Astoria   Beaverton  Bend       Eugene       Portland       Salem       Roseburg

‡ Paulson Coletti, John Coletti, Jane Paulson Portland, 503.226.6361 www.paulsoncoletti.com
‡ Tom D'Amore, D'Amore & Associates, Portland 503-222-6333
‡ Dr. Aaron DeShaw, Portland 503-227-1233 www.deshawlaw.com
‡ Bill Gaylord, Gaylord Eyerman Bradley,PC, Portland 503-222-3526  


† Joe DiBartolomeo, DiBartolomeo Law Office, PC, Astoria, 503-325-8600 


† Melissa Bobadilla, Bobadilla Law, Beaverton 503-496-7500 PI Immigration
John Uffelman, Beaverton, OR (503) 644-2146 PI, MediMal, Catastrophic Injury, Auto Accidents, Criminal Defense, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Insurance Disputes


† Dwyer Williams Potter Attorney’s LLC, Bend, 541-617-0555 www.RoyDwyer.com


Don Corson, Corson & Johnson Law Firm, Eugene, 541-484-2525 PI
Charles Duncan, Eugene, 800-347-4269
† Derek Johnson, Johnson, Clifton, Larson & Schaller, P.C., Eugene 541 484-2434
Tina Stupasky, Jensen, Elmore & Stupasky, PC, Eugene, 541-342-1141, Sisters, 541-549-1617


Patrick Angel, Angel Law, P.C, Portland 503.862.8666 PI
William Berkshire, Portland 503-233-6507 PI
Jeffrey Bowersox, Lake Oswego, OR 503-452-5858 PI
Tom D'Amore, D'Amore & Associates, Portland 503-222-6333
Jerry Doblie, Doblie & Associates, Portland 503-226-2300
Wm. Keith Dozier, Portland 503-594-0333
† Brendan Dummigan, Portland 503-223-7770  www.pickettdummigan.com
Peggy Foraker, Portland 503-232-3753
Sam Friedenberg, Nay & Friedenberg , Portland 503-245-0894 Guardianship/Conservatorship
€ Bill Gaylord, Gaylord Eyerman Bradley,PC, Portland 503-222-3526
Timothy Grabe, Portland, 503-503-223-0022
† Bart Herron, Herron Law, Lake Oswego 503-699-6496
Sharon Maynard, Bennett, Hartman, Morris & Kaplan, Portland 503-227-4600, SSI/SSD
€ Craig Allen Nichols, Nichols & Associates, Portland 503-224-3018
‡ Paulson Coletti, John Coletti, Jane Paulson Portland, 503.226.6361 www.paulsoncoletti.com
J. William Savage, Portland 503-222-0200
Joshua Shulman, Shulman DuBois, LLC, Portland, 503-222-4411
€ Richard A. Sly, Portland 503-224-0436, SSI/SSD/PI
Steve Smucker, Portland 503-224-5077
±Scott Supperstein, The Law Offices of Scott M. Supperstein, PC., Portland 503-227-6464 superlaw@earthlink.net
¥ Tichenor& Dziuba Law Offices, Portland 503-224-3333
Jud Wesnousky, JD, Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC, Portland, 503-542-3000 PI


Adams, Hill & Hess, Salem, 503-399-2667
Gatti Law Firm, Jennifer Hunking, Salem 503-363-3443
Richard Walsh, Walch & Associates, PC Keizer, 503-304-4886 www.walshlawfirm.net


Samuel Hornreich, Roseburg, 541-677-7102

Washington    Bremerton  Seattle


Kenneth Friedman, Friedman Rubin, Bremerton, 360-782-4300


Richard Adler, Adler Giersch, Seattle, WA 206.682.0300  www.adlergiersch.com
Kevin Coluccio, Coluccio Law, Seattle, WA 206-826-8200 www.coluccio-law.com

Care Facilities/TBI Housing 
(subacute, community based, inpatient, outpatient, nursing care, supervised-living, behavior, coma management, driver evaluation, hearing impairment, visual impairment, counseling, pediatric)

Sherry Acea, Fourth Dimension Corp, Bend 541-647-7016
Advocate Care, LLC, Leah Lichens, Medford, 541-857-0700 RCF 18-65
Carol Altman, Homeward Bound, Hillsboro 503-640-0818
Eric Asa, The Positive Difference ACH, LLC, Gresham, 503-674-5149
Hazel Barnhart, Psalm 91 Care Home, Beaverton, 971-227-4773 or 503-747-0146 TBI 35+
Temesgen Betiso, Forest Grove and Tigard 503-747-2135 or 503-992-8769
Fataumata (Tata) Blakely, Heart of Living Home Care, Salem OR 503-454-8173 971701-6979
Pamela Cartwright, Cedars Adult Foster Care, Astoria, 503-325-4431
£ Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation, Pomona, CA, 800-926-5462
Damaris Daboub, Clackamas Assisted Living, Clackamas 503-698-6711
Donna Walsh, Delta Foundation/Snohomish Chalet, Snohomish, WA 360-568-2168
Care N Love AFH LLC, Corrie Lalangan, Vancouver WA 360-901-3378
Danville Services of Oregon, LLC,, Michael Oliver, Portland (800) 280-6935
Maria Emy Dulva, Portland 503-781-1170
† Gateway/McKenzie Living, Springfield Mark Kinkade, 541-744-9817, 866-825-9079 RCF
Greenwood AFC, Inc, Greg & Felipa Rillera, Portland 503-267-6282
John Grimm, AFH Philomath 541-929-7681
Herminia D Hunter, Trinity Blessed Homecare, Milwaukie, 503-653-5814, Dem/Alz 70+
IS Living Integrated Supports for Living, Chrislyn Prantl, Salem, 503-586-2300 www.isliving.org
Kampfe Management Services, Pam Griffith, Portland, 503-788-3266 Apt
Karin Keita, Afripath Care Home LLC, Adult Care Home Portland 503-208-1787
Terri Korbe, LPN, High Rocks Specialty Care, Clackamas 503-723-5043
Learning Services, Northern CA & CO, 888-419-9955
† Mentor Network, Yvette Doan, Portland 503-290-1974
Joana Olaru, Alpine House, Beaverton, 503-646-9068
† Oregon Rehabilitation Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Director: Katie Vendrsco, 541-228-2396
Premila Prasad, Portland 503-245-1605
Quality Living Inc (QLI), Kristin Custer, Nebraska, 402-573-3777
† Sapphire at Ridgeview Assisted Living Facility, Medford, 541-779-2208
WestWind Enhanced Care, Leah Lichens, Medford, 541-857-0700
Melissa Taber, Oregon DHS, 503-947-5169
Polly Smith, Polly's County AFH, Vancouver, 360-601-3439 Day Program and home
Uhlhorn Program, Eugene, 541 345-4244 Supported Apt
† Windsor Place, Inc., Susan Hunter, Salem, 503-581-0393 Supported Apt


Oregon Chiropratic Association, Portland, Jan Ferrnante, Executive Director, 503-256-1601 www.ocanow.com
Judith Boothby, DC, Third Way Chiropractic, Portland 503-233-0943
† Gretchen Blyss, DC, Portland OR 503-222-0551
Eric Hubbs, DC, 180* Chiropractic, Beaverton 503-646-2278
Thomas Kelly, DC, Kelly Chiropratic, PS, Vancouver, WA 360-882-0767
Russell Kort, DC, Kort Chiropractic and Concussion Care, Sherwood, 503-625-5678
Michael T. Logiudice, DC, Linn City Chiropractic, West Linn 503-908-0122
Garreth MacDonald, DC, Eugene, 541-343-4343
D.Stephen Maglente, DMX Vancouver, Vancouver WA 360-798-4175
James Martin, DC, DACS, CCN Martin Chiropractic, Yakima WA 509-248-6484
Bradley Pfeiffer, Bend 541-383-4585
George Siegfried, McMinnville 503-472-6550

Cognitive Rehabilitation Centers/ Rehab Therapists/Specialists

Brainstorm Rehabilitation, LLC, Bethany Davis, Ellensburg, WA 509-833-1983
Community Rehab Services of Oregon, Inc., Eugene, 541-342-1980 Jan Johnson
The Hello Foundation and Clinic, Sharon Soliday, SLP/OT, Portland, 503-517-8555 www.thehellofoundation.com
Marydee Sklar, Executive Functioning Success, Portland, 503-473-7762
† Progressive Rehabilitation Associates—BIRC, Portland, 503-292-0765
Quality Living Inc (QLI), Kristin Custer, Nebraska, 402-573-3777 (BI & SCI)
Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma 888.298.HOPE (4673)
Marie Eckert, RN/CRRN, Legacy HealthCare, Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon (RIO) Admissions, Portland, 503-413-7301
† Rehab Without Walls Neurosolutions, Mountlake Terrace, WA 425-672-9219 Julie Allen 503-250-0685


Heidi Dirkse-Graw, Dirkse Counseling & Consulting, Inc. Beaverton, OR 503-672-9858
Sharon Evers, Face in the Mirror Counseling, Art Therapy, Lake Oswego 503-201-0337
Donald W. Ford, MA, LMFT, LPC, Portland, 503-297-2413
Justin Hacking, MS, LPC, CBIS, ED BIAID, Boise ID(208) 991-0770
Kate Robinson, MA, LPC, CADC1, Clear Path Counseling, LLC, Portland, 971-334-9899
Jerry Ryan, MS, CRC, Oregon City, 503-348-6177
Elizabeth VanWormer, LCSW, Portland 503-297-3803


Gianna Ark, Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District, Albany, 541-812-2746
Andrea Batchelor, Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District, Albany, 541-812-2715
Jon Pede, Hillsboro School District, Hillsboro, 503-844-1500
Heidi Island, Psychology, Pacific University, Forest Grove, 503-352-153858
± McKay Moore-Sohlberg, University of Oregon, Eugene 541-346-2586

Expert Testimony

Janet Mott, PhD, CRC, CCM, CLCP, Life Care Planner, Loss of Earning Capacity Evaluator, 425-778-3707

Financial Planning

Coldstream Wealth Management, Roger Reynolds roger@coldstream.com 425-283-1600  

Functional Neurologist

Stefan Herold, DC, DACNB, Trferet Chiropractic Neurology, Portland, 503-445-7767
Dr. Cat Maddox,DC, DACNB, CSCS, Clarity Chiropractic Neurology, Portland, (503) 660-8874
Mehul Parekh, DC, DACNB, Shakti Functional Neurology and Fitness Systems, 503-206-0300
Jacob Plasker, DC, FACFN Plasker Chiropractic and Functional Neurology 458-206-3461
Dr, Kelly Prill, ND, DACNB, Elemental Wellness, Portland 971-270-0220
Glen Zielinski, DC, DACNB, FACFN, Northwest Functional Neurology, Lake Oswego, 503-850-4526

Holistic Practitioners/Massage & Therapy Programs

Benjamin Bell, Advanced CranioSacral Therapist, LMT, Under One Roof Health Care, Eugene 541-799-6097 peds
Kendra Bratherton, COTA,/L, PBP, Reiki Master, Merkaba Center for Healing, Tensegrity Medicine/Bowenwork Energy Medicine, Astoria, 209-791-3092 merkabacenter@gmail.com
Claire Darling, LMT Therapeutic Massage-Bowenwork claire@clairedarlinglmt.com 503-747-4696
Aumkara Newhouse, Aumkara Structural Bodywork, Beaverton, 916-524-7470

Life Care Planners/Case Manager/CBIS/Social Workers  

Rebecca Bellerive, Rebecca Bellerive, RN, Inc, Gig Harbor WA 253-649-0314
Laurel Bozoukoff, CBIS, Leavenworth, WA
Michele Lorenz, BSN, MPH, CCM, CHPN, CLCP, Lorenz & Associates, Medford, 541-538-9401
Vince Morrison, MSW, PC, Astoria, 503-325-8438
Michelle Nielson, Medical Vocational Planning, LLC, West Linn, 503-650-9327
Thomas Weiford, Weiford Case Management & Consultation, Voc Rehab Planning, Portland 503-245-5494

Legal Assistance/Advocacy/Non-Profit

£ Deborah Crawley, ED, Brain Injury Association of Washington, 253-238-6085 or 877-824-1766  www.braininjurywa.org
£ Disability Rights Oregon, Portland, 503-243-2081
Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living(EOCIL), Ontario 1-866-248-8369; Pendleton 1-877-771-1037; The Dalles 1-855-516-6273
Independent Living Resources (ILR), Portland, 503-232-7411
£ Jackson County Mental Health, Heather Thompson, Medford, (541) 774-8209
£ Oregon Chiropractic Association, Jan Ferrante, Executive Director, 503-256-1601 www.ocanow.com
ThinkFirst Oregon, (503) 494-7801

Long Term TBI Rehab/Day Program’s/Support Programs

Carol Altman, Bridges to Independence Day Program, Portland/Hillsboro, 503-640-0818
Cognitive Enhancement Center, Inc. Brad Lofitis Portland 503-760-0425 (OHP)(Day Program)
Marydee Sklar, Executive Functioning Success, Portland, 503-473-7762

Medical Professionals

Dr. Alex de la Paz, DPT, Root & Branch Physical Therapy, Portland 503-577-0318
David Hackett, OD, MS, FCOVD, Lifetime Eye Care, Eugene, 541-342-3100
Alaina Randerson, Neurological Rehabilitation Coordinator, Northwest Functional Neurology, Lake Oswego, 503-850-4526
Douglas Wingate, Licensed Acupunturist, DSW Health Services, McMinville, Portland 503-250-0660
Bruce Wojciechowski, OD, Clackamas, Neuro-optometrist, Northwest EyeCare Professionals, Clackamas, 503-657-0321

Neurologic Music Therapy
Matthew Senn, MT-BC, NMT, CEO, NeuroNotes, msenn@neuronotestherapy.com 971-253-9113  

Physicians/Nurse Practioners

Bryan Andresen, Rehabilitation Medicine Associates of Eugene-Springfield, 541-683-4242
Diana Barron, MD. Barron-Giboney Family Medicine, Brownsville, OR (541) 451-6930
James Chesnutt, MD, OHSU, Portland 503-494-4000
Paul Conti, MD, Psychiatrist, Beaverton, 503-644-7300
Danielle L. Erb, M.D., Brain Rehabilitation Medicine, LLC, Portland 503 296-0918
M. Sean Green, MD, Neurology, OHSU, (503) 652-2487
Shauna Hahn, PMHNP, Central City Concern, Portland 503-228-7134
Steve Janselewitz, MD, Pediatric Physiatrist, Pediatric Development & Rehabilitation-Emanuel Children’s Hospital, Portland Nurse: 503-413-4418 Dept:503-413-4505
Michael Koester, MD, Slocum Center, Eugene, 541-359-5936
Andrew Mendenhall, MD, Family Medicine, Addiction & Pain, Beaverton 503-644-7300
Laurie Menk Otto, ND MPH, Heart Spring Health, Portland 503-232-3215
Oregon Rehabilitation Medicine Associates, Portland 503-413-6294 Legacy
Oregon Rehabilitation Medicine, P.C., Portland, Providence Physiatry Clinic, Providence 503-215-8699
Kevin Smith, MD, Psychiatrist, OHSU, 503-494-8617
Francisco Soldevilla, MD, Neurosurgeon, Northwest Neurosurgical Associates, Tualatin, 503-885-8845
Douglas Wingate, Licensed Acupunturist, DSW Health Services, McMinville, Portland 503-250-0660
David Witkin, MD, Internal Medicine, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eugene, 541-222-6389

Psychologists/ Neuropsychologists

¥ Tom Boyd, PhD, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Eugene 541-686-6355
James E. Bryan, PhD, Portland 503.284.8558
Patricia S. Camplair, Ph. D., Portland, 503-827-5135
Amee Gerrard-Morris, PhD, Pediatrics, Portland, 503-413-4506
Elaine Greif, PhD, Portland 503-260-7275
Jacek/Jack Haciak, Psy.D., Mental Health Consultant and Trainer, Salem, 971-301-1343, 503-602-7662
Nancy Holmes, PsyD, CBIS, Portland 503-235-2466
Tracy Kreiling, PsyD Neuropsychological Services of Oregon, LLC, Bend, 541-306-6456
Sharon M Labs PhD, Portland 503-224-3393
Ruth Leibowitz, PhD, Portland (503) 220-8262
Michael Leland, Psy.D, CRC, Director, NW Occupational Medicine Center, Inc., Portland, 503-684-7246
Kathy Thomas, PhD ABPdN, Providence/St Joseph Health Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, 503-722-3705
Susan Rosenzweig, PsyD, Center for Psychology & Health, Portland, 503-206-8337

Recreational/Social Activities

Best Taekwondo Academy, Master Yeong-keun Jeong, Gresham 503-492-5522

Speech and Language

Channa Beckman, Harbor Speech Pathology, WA 253-549-7780
The Hello Clinic, Sharon Soliday, SLP/OT, Portland, 503-517-8555 www.thehellofoundation.com
John E. Holing, Glide 541-440-8688
± Jan Johnson, Community Rehab Services of Oregon, Inc., Eugene, 541-342-1980
Sandra Knapp, SLP, David Douglas School District , Sandy 503-256-6500
Carol Mathews-Ayres, First Call Home Health, Salem
Anne Parrott, Legacy Emanuel Hospital Warren 503-397-6431

State of Oregon

Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, State of Oregon, Salem, (503) 945-6201 www.oregon.gov/DHS/vr/

Technology/Assistive Devices

† John Drentlaw, JLD Construction Consulting www.jldllc.com. Portland (503) 675.4383
RJ Mobility Service, Independence, OR, 503-838-5520
Second Step, David Dubats, Eugene, 877-299-STEP

Trauma Nurses Talk Tough

Angela Aponte-Reid, Prevention RN, Trauma Nurses Talk Tough, Legacy Health System System, Emanuel Medical Center, Portland 503-413-2340

Veterans Support

Mary Kelly, Transition Assistance Advisor/Idaho National Guard, 208-272-4408
£ Belle Landau, Returning Veterans Project, Portland, 503-933-4996

Vocational Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation/Workers Comp

D’Autremont, Bostwick, Carter & Krier, Portland, 503-224-3550
† Marty Johnson, Community Rehab Services of Oregon, Inc., Eugene, 541-342-1980
‡ Oregon Completive Employment Project, Salem 503-947-5469 www.win-oregon.com
Ben Luskin, Launch Employment Mentoring, Eugene, 541-999-1217
† SAIF, Salem, 503-373-8000
Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, State of Oregon, Salem, (503) 945-6201 www.oregon.gov/DHS/vr/
Kadie Ross, OVRS, Salem, 503-378-3607
Scott T. Stipe MA, CRC, CDMS, LPC, IPEC, ABVE-D,Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Board Certified Vocational Expert, Licensed Professional Counselor Career Directions Northwest, Scott Stipe & Associates, Inc,Portland, (503) 234-4484

Patrons/Professional Members

Muriel Lezak, PhD, Portland
Senator Bill Morrisette, Springfield

Donations to BIAOR in Honor of or In Memory of

Paul Bocci Trust
William Powers

In Honor
Don Corson, in Honor of Dr. Danielle Erb
Don Corson, in Honor of Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski

In Memory of Robert Hardesty
Monica and Erick Banks in memory of Robert Hardesty
Angel Burr in memory of Robert Hardesty
Gary Cook in memory of Robert Hardesty
Sharren and Melvin Davis in memory of Robert Hardesty
Christopher Fromhart in memory of Robert Hardesty
Patricia Grover in memory of Robert Hardesty
Misty Lane In Memory of Robert Hardesty
Don Morissette in Memory of Robert Hardesty
Michaelle and Jerry Rees in Memory of Robert Hardesty
Gregg Rees in Memory of Robert Hardesty
Jason in Memory of Robert Hardesty
Donna Romero and family in Memory of Robert Hardesty
Kathy Synder in Memory of Robert Hardesty

In Memory of Wayne Eklund
CNS Medical Group, PC, in memory of Wayne Eklund
Jan & Marty Johnson, Community Rehabilitation Services of Oregon, Inc, in memory of Wayne Eklund
Mona and Laddy Cusick in memory of Wayne Eklund
Mark Logterman in memory of Wayne Eklund
Steve and Sherry Morris in Memory of Wayne Eklund
Laurie Ehlhardt Powell in memory of Wayne Eklund

In Memory
Sharon Tesch in memory of Lou Tesch

Additional Oregon Resources:

Oregon Developmental Disabilities (DD)

For individuals whose disability manifested before age 22 and resulted in lifelong conditions that affect a person’s ability to live independently, this state agency arranges and coordinates services to eligible state residents.

http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/dd/Pages/index.aspx   (800)-282-8096


Oregon’s Aged and Physically Disabled Medicaid Waiver helps elderly and physically disabled Oregon residents to receive care at home instead of in a nursing home even though they are medically qualified for nursing home placement. https://www.payingforseniorcare.com/medicaid-waivers/or-aged-and-physically-disabled.html

·         Adult Day Care - group care during daytime hours

·         Adult Residential Care - such as adult foster homes or assisted living residences

·         Community Transition Services - for persons leaving nursing homes and returning to the community

·         Environmental Accessibility Adaptations - to increase the independence of participants

·         Home Delivered Meals

·         Hot or prepared, nutritiously balanced

·         In Home Care Services - as needed

·         Transportation Assistance - coordination of transportation for adult day care and medical appointments



ADRC - Aging and Disability Resource Connection

A resource directory for Oregon families, caregivers and consumers seeking information about long-term supports and services. Here you will find quick and easy access to resources in your community. If you cannot find the information you are looking for or wish to talk to someone in person   1-855-673-2372

Names in bold are BIAOR Board members or Advisory Broad members

† Corporate Member
‡ Gold Member
€ Silver Member
± Bronze Member
¥ Sustaining Member
£ Non-Profit
∆ Platinum

Thank you to our Professional Members!


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