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The Caregiver's Tale: The True Story Of A Woman, Her Husband Who Fell Off The Roof, And Traumatic Brain Injury From the Spousal Caregiver's

Marie Therese Gass, point of view, this is the story of the first seven years after severe Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as essays concerning the problems of fixing things, or at least letting life operate more smoothly. Humor and pathos, love and frustration, rages and not knowing what to do--all these make up a complete story of Traumatic Brain Injury.
$17 includes $2 mailing

A Change of Mind A Change of Mind
by Janelle Breese
Biagioni is a very personal view of marriage and parenting by a wife with two young children as she was thrust into the complex and confusing world of brain injury. Gerry Breese, a husband, father and constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was injured in a motorcycle crash while on duty. Janelle traces the roller coaster of emotions, during her husbandís hospital stay and return home. She takes you into their home as they struggle to rebuild their relationship and life at home. $22  includes $2 mailing

The Essential Brain injury Guide 5.0
The all-new Essential Brain Injury Guide, Edition 5.0 provides vital information about brain injury, its treatment and rehabilitation. Written and edited by leading brain injury experts in non-medical language, itís easy to understand. This thorough guide to brain injury covers topics including: Understanding the Brain and Brain Injury; Brain Injury Rehabilitation; Health, Medications and Medical Management; Treatment of Functional Impacts of Brain Injury; Children and Adolescents; Legal and Ethical Issues; and MORE! Used as the primary brain injury reference by thousands of professionals and para-professionals providing direct services to persons with brain injury over the past 15 years.

$135.00   plus $15 mailing

Fighting for David
by Leone Nunley
Nunley was told by doctors that her son David was in a "persistent coma and vegetative state"--the same diagnosis faced by Terri Schiavo's family. Fighting for David is the story how Leone fought for David's life after a terrible motorcycle crash. This story shows how David overcame many of his disabilities with the help of his family. $17 includes  $2 mailing

Ketchup on the Baseboard

Ketchup on the Baseboard tells the personal story of the authors' familyís journey after her son, Tim, sustained a brain injury. Chronicling his progress over more than 20 years, she describes the many stages of his recovery along with the complex emotions and changing dynamics of her family and their expectations. More than a personal story, the book contains a collection of articles written by Carolyn Rocchio as a national columnist for newsletters and journals on brain injury. $22  includes  $2 mailing 

Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A handbook of hope for military and their families. Edited by Mary Ann Keatley, PhD and Laura L. Whittemore This clear and concise handbook speaks to our Wounded Warriors and their families and helps them navigate through the unknown territory of this often misunderstood and unidentified injury. It provides an insightful guide to understanding the symptoms, treatment options and redefines "Recovery" as their new assignment. Most importantly, the intention of the authors is to inspire hope that they will get better, they will learn to compensate and discover their own resiliency and resourcefulness.
$20 includes  $2 mailing

Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI): An Insightful Guide to Symptoms, Treatment and Redefining Recovery
Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI): An Insightful Guide to Symptoms, Treatment and Redefining Recovery Edited by Mary Ann Keatley, PhD and Laura L. Whittemore $18 includes  $2 mailing  










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